Mostly Offtopic is a blog and podcast created by three game-playing friends from Sheffield: Paul, Joe and Scott.

When we set out on this endeavour we had a few goals:

Create content about the games we play. If we’re playing it, we want to be talking about it. If we want to be playing it, we want to be talking about it… So we keep ourselves limited to what we are playing and to keep it fresh that means we try to play as many games as we can!

Build on the existing local community and reach out to other communities. We arose from playing games at Patriot Games in Sheffield, and we naturally talk about the local meta and the local playing community. We’re seeking to foster that community by taking a more active leadership roll in sharing content and arranging events. In addition, we want to reach out to other players in North Yorkshire, England and beyond!

Learn about the games we play. We aren’t going to be posting or talking in massive depth about the games we play. We aren’t going to be reviewing each card released, or covering what a lead designer may or may not have said; we are going to try to play competently and point out the informative articles that help us all out.

It’s focus is upon the games that we play, the community that we play in, and the topics we get distracted by. Our main content is the Podcast, where the three of us chat about games we’re playing and want to play, with the odd article hitting the website as interest and time allows.

The Podcast comes out roughly every month and we have an aspiration to keep it to an hour in length. More often than not it’s come in around an hour-fifteen but as we home our craft I’m sure that will settle itself down as well. (Also, don’t skip the easter eggs that Joe edits in at the end!)

Whilst none of us would claim to have mastered any of the games that we play (okay, Paul would but he claims very many things), we do believe our content will inform and amuse.

That information may not always be about the games we play; the off-topic section is designed to allow each member of our group to bring to discussion any topic that they are interested in. This is highly likely to not relate to gaming; we might not even try to bring a relationship to gaming.

However, we work on the basis that if we’re interested in it then others might be interested in it. Or at can quickly skip past it if needed.

You can contact us at, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.