Another One (Doesn’t) Bite the Dust

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Titles and Troubles
Titles and Troubles
Another One (Doesn't) Bite the Dust

Welcome back to Titles and Troubles, the high-level Dungeons and Dragons game where our players get frustrated with the outcomes of their characters’ actions!

In this episode we attempt the tricky feat of running a small battle in D&D, without either forcing the PCs into “elite commandos” or “boardgame skirmishing”; their combined forces of Dragonborn and Order of the Gauntlet knights meet the Brigands and their undead troops in the field.

Its a tale of twists and turns, of not meta-gaming when you aren’t meta-gaming and tears before bed-time.

Oh and there’s also a map that may be useful to have in front of you when the first part of the episode plays out:

Hope you enjoy!

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