Bonus 121: Looking After Dear Ol’ Mam

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Frauds of Waterdeep
Frauds of Waterdeep
Bonus 121: Looking After Dear Ol' Mam

Non-Spoiler Summary

In this bonus 121 video, Aldred returns to the Eltorchul manor and has to take care of a few family matters. Special Cameo from Danolo Darkblade.

Spoiler Catchup

I’m only recounting events here that are relevant to the ongoing campaign.

Aldred learned from Danolo Darkblade that his Father had gathered together an adventuring party of some power and was looking for a “ship” called The Scavenger which was located on the 19th Level of Undermountain.

Aldred also told Danolo Darkblade that his Father had researched into the Queen of the Masquerade and that his Father was pursuing her. This clearly piqued Danolo’s interests, as did the relationship between Aldred and Sangalor of the Secrets.

Finally, Aldred’s Mam was relocated to Saradush, to the Court of Diego Darkblade with whom she had an unhealthy attraction.

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