Lockpicking Optional

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Frauds of Waterdeep
Frauds of Waterdeep
Lockpicking Optional

Welcome to Episode 10 of our Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign, this time with added Heist as the PCs try to find something incriminating at the Gralhund place…

Dramatis Personae:

  • Zerelda, Half-Elf Fighter 4 – The Lady on the Inside
  • Aldred Eltorchul, Human Wizard, Level 4 – A Sexually Active Dumbledore
  • Fenn, Half-Orc Rogue Level 4 – Lockpicking entirely optional
  • Ode, Half-Elf Bard Level 4 – Heister In Chief
  • Ignatius, Human Forge Cleric of Moradin Level 4 – Ignatius sounds like incognito yeah?

This session finds our heroes planning and executing on their planned Heist trying to rob / find incriminating evidence in the household of the Gralhunds. They infiltrate but find out more as the Zhents hold a surprise summit. Whilst this is a “non-traditional” run through of Dragon Heist, there may well be spoilers for your own games.

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