Mostly Off-Topic D&D Class Review Ep2 – Bard – Feeling Inspired

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For crimes he (claims he) didn’t commit, Martin has been banished Beyond the Wall to the Land Without Wagamamas! But by the power of Greyskull and the internets, Martin and Paul were still able to get together to talk about the Bard class in Fifth Edition D&D.

They start by covering the fictional and real-world inspiration, meander through the history of the class in D&D before getting somewhere into their stride for the class features and signature spells.

At some point the wheels fall off and Martin reveals himself as the Emperor of a Galaxy Far, Far Away and we discover that Bilbo Baggins is a College of Valour Bard! Will wonders never cease!

Listen to find out…

…and then leave a comment or two letting us know what we should stop, start or continue!

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