Mostly Off-Topic Episode 3: Less Creepy

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Mostly Off-topic
Mostly Off-topic
Mostly Off-Topic Episode 3: Less Creepy

Join us for the third episode of our fledgling podcast about all things card gamey, board gamey and role-playing gamey. This month, we talk about Ashes organised play, casual board games you can play with ‘The Normals’, and how to send your bank balance plummeting to terrifying depths with the X-Wing Miniatures game.

We also cover the whole ‘getting back into Netrunner’ thing, livestreaming video on Facebook, and the ‘story’ in Race for the Galaxy (apparently there is one).


  1. Lads. Very much enjoying these podcasts. Scott and I used to go to school together and i was hoping to see him at International Table Top Day here in Cardiff but he couldnt make it. I did bump into one of you very briefly (I forget the gents name, but he introduced himself as the one who keeps not turning up) and had a quick chat before he got involved in the Netrunner tournament.

    As a new Netrunner player, I’m looking for stuff for the beginner; good combinations of cards for Runners and Corp for example. Scott asked for constructive critisism and if you dont mind I’ve got a little bit as I used to have my own radio show.

    Rule number one is try not to say “um”. It makes you sound unprepared. I know you aren’t, but less pausing = slicker sounding.

    In your mixes, you are getting a dryish “boxy” sound on the vocals which comes from the fact you are using a table to sit around when you record. The hard surface reflects the sound. If you put a blanket on the table, you’ll find that will reduce that issue. Also, don’t be afraid to dial in a tiny amount of reverb to soften the edges of the vocals too.

    Lastly, I really like that you are using “beds” under sections of the show. The ones you are using are very quiet though, you can push them up in the mix a bit. I’ve heard that Creative Commons is a good resource for other ones if you are looking for variety.

    Anyway, hope you don’t think I’m a massive tosser and take the suggestions on as they were meant, which is hopefully helpful.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to episode three. Jungle is massive.


    1. Author

      Hey there Wayne!

      Thanks for the comments – that’s really useful and helpful to speed up our learning curve and pleased that you enjoyed the show! Your feedback is exactly what we’re looking for; both the request for content and the more technical tips. Keep it coming!

      You’ll have met up with Phil; he’s yet to appear on the podcast but is pretty active in the meta up here in Sheffield.

      I’m in a similar boat to you with Netrunner; I know most of the mechanics but lack the insight that allows me to either build a deck well or pilot one I’ve netdecked or borrowed. What I’ve found really useful is going back to the core-only and then slowly adding expansions (one a week or couple of weeks) into the decks. We call that “progrunning” up here in the North (progression-netrunning)… Well I do anyway. That really helped me see the basics of what a Corp and Runner are trying to do.

      I then found netrunnerdb to be a really good site; they do individual card reviews and the decks they publish quite often have good commentary on what the deck is trying to do and alternative cards. Browsing that for an hour or so is really useful to build up the knowledge.

      The last tip I’d have is something that Phil and I did in prep for the day he spent in Cardiff. Basically, we put aside a full day; netdecked a load of current meta decks and played them against each other, but with the aim of learning the decks rather than beating the other player. So we’d comment on the boardstate from our points of view, talk about the combos we might have, evaluate plays together etc. I got far more out of that than Phil did (he’s a much better player!) and it really accelerated my learning.

      Anyways, hope those suggestions are helpful, thanks for the feedback and hope you enjoy future podcasts!

  2. Thanks Wayne! Nice to hear we’re providing some useful content. I reckon a newbies corner might be fun – we haven’t really delved into card combos too much yet, so we’ll plan a section for Netrunner.

    I produce the show, so the tips are welcome. I try not to cut too many ‘umms’ and ‘errs’, so that we don’t sound too polished. We’re a bunch of amateurs, and we don’t want to hide it! I’ll definitely try the blanket trick though.

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