Mostly Off-Topic Episode 5: The Show Joe Did Not Name

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Mounts, bouncy elves and sneaky hobbits – it’s a Lord of the Rings special! We get granular with FFG’s co-operative LCG with a state-of-the-game address.

We also bang on about Star Wars Rebellion some more, before moving on to an investigation of Armada’s finer points, and a brief play report of Battlestar Galactica.

(For the record, Joe did actually name the show. It’s called “Double Zenith” and listening you’ll understand why… However, in my puppy dog eagerness to show the world our new creation I didn’t wait for Joe to patiently explain where in the meta tags the name lives and by then it was too late. So, it is either snappily named “TSJDNN” or “Double Zenith”… I’ll let the audience comment which they prefer below.)

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