Mostly Off-Topic Xanathar’s Guide Episode 4 – On the Dire Couch

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Mostly Off-topic
Mostly Off-topic
Mostly Off-Topic Xanathar's Guide Episode 4 - On the Dire Couch

In the last of our episodes covering the latest release for Dungeon and Dragon’s 5th Edition, Martin and Paul are on the Dire Couch. The most comfortable couch in the history of time. Whilst on said couch, they talk Dungeon Master stuff, Rivals, Downtime, Spells and summarise their views on Xanathar’s.

Spoiler Alert – they’re fans.

Xanathar’s Guide to Encounters Construction gets covered, and Martin talks about his deep, abiding, all consuming love of traps. I cried at that point.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey with us, and if so let us know through all the channels available to you!

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