The Same Bubbly Personality.

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Frauds of Waterdeep
Frauds of Waterdeep
The Same Bubbly Personality.

Non-Spoiler Overview

We had a number of technical issues on this episode and that causes the edit to be slightly broken up. I also neglected to change the screen to Fantasy Grounds for the main combat.

On the 2nd Day of Ches, in the Year of the Purple Dragons (1493DR) the PCs leave the Goblin Bazaar with the intent of returning to Skullport so Aldred can return Nutmeg to Sangalor of the Secrets. They pick up the mission to return Shun Shurreth’s penis to the Goblin King, and also intend to trash the Xanathar Outpost they previously sneaked past.

Spoilered Description

They find and fight Shun’s gang and engage in combat. Aldred’s Fireball decimates the Thugs, and an Intellect Devourer almost crushes Zerelda’s mental capacity. The episode finishes just as Fenn faces off against a surrendering Shun.

Aldred screams, “Spare the drow!”

Fenn pulls the trigger on his crossbow, “Sorry Aldred was distracted… What did you say?”

Behind the Screen Encounter One: Shun Shurreth (CR8)

Having just levelled, and not having played for a while, we spent quite a bit of time working out spells and abilities in this session. We’d also spoken as a group about a more tactical play style and not being afraid to have out-of-character discussions planning combat. That meant that the combat in the episode was punctured by lots of “what does this do again?” questions.

Enemies: Shun Shurreth (modified Drow Elite Warrior), 7 x Xanathar Thugs, 2 x Intellect Devourers.

I wanted the PCs to encounter this group so I moved them into the corridor away from their base. I also thought that it would be cool for them to be carrying some random loot as supplies to the Gang War being fought on the surface. This combat spreads over into the next episode where I’ll cover the loot obtained.

Shun is a strange creature – an almost transformed Drider who clings to the ceiling mostly to avoid Opportunity Attacks from the PCs.

The Intellect Devourers were the enemies that most worried the PCs, and they focused them down quickly, but not before one forced an Int save from Zerelda.

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