10 Minute Monster: Ankheg

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Welcome to another in our 10 Minute Monster video series, where we are riffing off each creature in the Monster Manual in 10 minutes or less (not 5 as this video said!)

These videos aren’t about the tactics, or the stat blocks; instead we take the fluff and expand on it. What does it tell us about the world? What could we tweak to make it a little bit better? How could we build a campaign around this creature (or at least a really cool campaign feature!)

Ankheg’s eh? Lurking under ground waiting to attack cows and sheeps and villagers and adventuring parties… Pesky, pesky creatures. But what happens if they had a quicker burrow speed? Or were ridden by Svirfneblin? And do Druids like or dislike them?

Find out in this latest 10 minute monster video!

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