What happened to the website?

Good question.

Well, there was a “critical error” when I attempted to upgrade the site. Some strange situations led to the application and the database not seeing eye-to-eye and this mistrust meant that they just weren’t going to talk to each other.

I tried hard to broker a deal between them, but all the application would do was complain about where the database was when the Westfold fell. I explained that this was a movie-only thing and (1) Rohan hadn’t called for aid, and (2) Gondor was in something of a pickle in any case… But, well, it fell on deaf ears.

Whatever critical error was caused had also infected the backup I had just taken before the upgrade. There are some who consider that the backup might have caused the critical error, but have no real way of proving anything.

In the end, I decided I could try to fight all of this, or just take the opportunity to start again, with a much more focused site. I’ve mulled this over for a while – life has moved on since we started the website and now we basically play The One Ring…

So I have decided to re-focus the site almost exclusively on content for The One Ring roleplaying game by Fria Liga, tied into the Here, There and Eriador campaign I’m running.

If there was a resource that you felt was crux to your life, then when I get contact us page back up you’ll be able to make a request!






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