Who am I? Why am I here? What’s the meaning of it all? The Buddha is reputed to have spent many years mastering the ascetic way of life. It was only after entering into a long, deep meditation, while seated under the bodhi tree, that he was able to realise the ultimate truth… he’d never be any good at netrunner.

I’m glad to say my own journey to enlightenment has been a little bit less arduous. Similar to Paul, I started out with Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, then moved onto real RPG games such as Advanced Marvel Super Hero’s. Most of my teenage school years were spent playing AD&D with a group of friends; continually obsessing over our characters and never talking about anything else. Despite this I’m pretty sure a few of us even managed to get girl friends. Nevertheless, always remaining true to our roots, we kept our geek on.

Apart from RPGs I’ve have a passion for all types of games and have recently moved into the time/money sink that is LCGs. The current favourites are The Lord of the Rings and Android:Netrunner from Fantasy Flight games, with the new kid on the block being Ashes from Plaid Hat games. It was the netrunner obsession that drove me to venture into the realm of the Sheffield FLGS where I’ve managed to meet some great people who share this passion, including Joe, Phil and Paul.

Outside of gaming, I’ve been an obsessive rock climber for more years than I can remember, and like gaming, I intend to keep it going well into the future. As C3PO once said: Big up your chest, much junglist.