RYDKE #1: Face Up Agendas in Netrunner

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It is not unknown for me to like dodgy word play (Cafrica, anyone?), and in this series of Rules You Didn’t Know Existed, we’ll be exploring, errr… Yes. It does what it says on the tin.

These won’t be long posts, but they may well be informative. Note the ‘may’ in that sentence…

So, let’s kick on shall we?

What kicking on looks like…

Usually in Netrunner hidden information is power. Is that card I installed facedown an Agenda worth points, or a trap worth DEATH?

So when I first read agendas that said “install face up” I was like: “Wha? Why would I want to do that? Am I just trolling the runner or what?”

Well, it turns out that, as described in the Netrunner FAQ that:

If an agenda’s text instructs the Corp to install it faceup, that agenda’s abilities are active while it is installed

Which changes things up a bit.

Take Oaktown Renovation for instance:

I'd spend the money on a nice rug...

I’d spend the money on a nice rug…

Now, if I install it, and advance it, I get cash! (As well as trolling the runner even more than I thought I was!) Other faceup agendas all have beneficial affects.

What rules do you wish you’d properly understood before someone patiently explained why it didn’t work quite that way?


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