RYDKE #13: Committing Characters to the Quest trigger

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In this Rules You Didn’t Know Existed, we’re going to cover what happens when you commit a character to the quest that has a trigger of ‘after you commit to the quest’, in FFG’s Lord of the Rings LCG.

Most of this post will be done through the medium of video, but when I’m searching for a quick rules summary I much prefer to scan through a textual page. Those who want something a bit (not much) more in depth, the video is embedded at the bottom of the page.

Give us the bare bones then!

This is the basic summary:

  • Players commit their characters in player order
  • All of a given players characters are committed at the same time
  • Each individual player can then trigger any ‘after character commits to the quest’ triggers; these resolve before the next player commits their own characters

So if the trigger gives us some insight into the Encounter Deck, then that information is only useful for players that are after the player that triggered it.

So Player 1 can tell Player 2 the treachery on the top of the deck, but they can’t then decide to undo committing Eleanor (for instance) to be able to deal with it.

You mentioned a more in depth video?

Yeah I did. Here it is:

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