The Grey Havens: Attachments and Events Review

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In the previous posts we’ve covered the Encounter decks and the might of the Heroes and Allies from this Deluxe.

In this post we give the Mostly Off-topic staff’s view of the remaining attachments and events.

Also, a big shout out to Hall of Beorn, whose high-rez scans provide the images in this post. Cheers Beorn!

Joe Says: “On the surface, not as amazing as Vilya. But this is going in my mono-Lore deck that runs the Hobbit version of Gandalf. The G-bomb is always ready in that deck, and this is a fun toy. You could even throw in some purple cards and stick Sword-Thain on him, just for the giggles and the fun.”

Scott Says: “Ok, here we go again… DADDY!”

Paul Says: “Who doesn’t want to build a “rings deck” with Cirdan / Elrond / Galadriel rocking a high starting threat? Vilnya brings in free allies, quest for a load from Nenya, and stand those allies with Narya whilst handing over a massive 9 attack to a Dundedain with Tale of Tinuviel! A sight to behold! Also a resource smoother which is never going to hurt.”

Joe Says: “How good is this? Very. You can cheat in the (powerful) ally versions of Gildor, Erestor, Elrond and Galadriel. Want to have fun? Try discarding your entire hand to buy Lindir.”

Scott Says: “Not so keen on the artwork. Good card in a Noldor deck though innit.”

Paul Says: “Winner of best art in the pack, and again packs a nice punch. Would go well with Erestor to solve the all cards, no resources issue. In a Noldor deck I would be seriously considering two of these, but you need to play a 3-cost ally to get much benefit and a 4 or 5 to really impact resource of which there aren’t very many at present.”

Joe Says: “I really like this. It’s another piece of the anti-location puzzle. Will be very handy for clearing low-quest-point-high-threat locations in the staging area. Idraen loves this card.”

Scott Says: “Nice!!! Zero cost, nice artwork, and solves all your location lock problems. What more do you want?”

Paul Says: “Got a high-cost problematic location in the staging area (I’m looking at you nightmare Gladden Marshlands)? Try our new Explorer’s Almanac to find a way to get through it quickly and efficiently at just a wafer thin tempo hit! For specific quests and not general use.”

Joe Says: “Cheap encounter deck manipulation is good. Never mind the location control: you get to shuffle the encounter deck. In some quests, that’s invaluable. This is a good card.”

Scott Says: “I like the artwork, could be a bit hit and miss. Swap out that 1 threat location for a 4. Nice.”

Paul Says: “Steady two-of in any Leadership questing deck. It’s not about threat management, but about managing travel costs or “whilst … is in the staging area” effects as it triggers in the travel phase. Stick it on a Gondor “enter / leaves play” chump or Lindon Navigator and make use of them instead of their minimal willpower.”

Joe Says: “‘Tactics characters can quest too’. Maybe they can . . . a couple of times per game. If you really want to make use of this card, you can find a way, but I want red to do what red does: MDK.”

Scott Says:Thought this was lotr not netrunner? Can be used after revealing a card during quest phase, somewhat like Faramir. Only question is: Can you afford the influence?”

Paul Says: “Gives good questing contribution to that mono-tactics deck if playing two-player and the staging area is location locked or otherwise quiet. A solid three-of in that multiplayer setup, but other options are better in solo and unlikely to be no enemies in three or four player.”

Joe Says: “This seems over-priced, but it could be very useful in, say, the Black Riders quests. I expect a little more bang for my buck from an event that costs two resources. Cost obviously factors in the possibility that it stacks with copies in the bin, which adds too many ‘ifs’ for me.”

Scott Says: “Great artwork. Always loved the mythos of Elwing and Earendil (The Evening Star) being Mercury and Venus. Again, a daddy (or Mummy).”

Paul Says: “Quest Action fantastic. Give all that willpower to Cirdan and then use Tale of Tinuviel to a Dunedain to go to town on the revealed enemies in the combat phase. What’s not to like (other than the setup requirements?) More seriously a good card that supports the sphere’s main purpose.”

Joe Says: “Potentially very powerful, but the two resource entry point puts me right off. Late game it will be great.”

Scott Says: “Another daddy of a card. Nice artwork.”

Paul Says: “A very good location control card, up there with Asfaloth and gets better the more that are used. If Lore is bringing some location control, then this needs to be in the deck as a three-of. Love the artwork as well!”

Joe Says: “Expensive, for what it does, but could be a real clutch card in the right deck. Sits well in a deck where Beregond is your combat MVP. The cumulative effect is too conditional (and situational) and will whiff when it fires. The one time it makes a difference will be a moment to savour.”

Scott Says: “At two cost surely this is a daddy of a card? Action advantage and an accumulating defence.”

Paul Says: “I’d play this in solo or two-player targeting a hero with a middle-range def that had to commit to questing early in the game. Particularly useful in the Grey Havens quests that have ships and the Boarding keyword that bring out enemies with relatively low attack being engaged to remove threat in the staging area.”

Joe Says: “In mono-Tactics decks, you sometimes have weenies stood around doing nothing. This gives them something to do, but it’s only really any good with one or two copies in the bin. If it affected bad guys in the staging area, this would be bonkers.”

Scott Says: “Two of in mono? I’d consider three if I really wanted the buffing to come off (so to speak!) in a game.”

Paul Says: “Max of 6 damage; most likely to be 4 damage possibly to 2 separate targets. Exhaust an ally to use (preferably something cheap like Galadhon Archer, Trollshaw Scout) rather than a hero. A two-of in a mono-tactics multiplayer deck for me.”

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