Wilds of Rhovanion Player Card Review

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We’re a little behind the curve for the most recent deluxe for LotR LCG, but we’re making up for that now.

This player card review is in video format, mostly because its easiest for us to produce content of that type nowadays!

In the video We step through each of the player cards in the Deluxe, and take about the Dale trait that gets a lot of expansion in the deluxe. We’ll talk about how to play and build a deck of that trait, concluding that this and a core deck are a good departure point for the new player.

We start with a bit of the Lore of the area, and for the heroes. Then we cover each card in turn, talking about synergies, particular rules that may apply and where it would fit in a deck. Given that most of the cards are Dale trait support there’s a lot of synergies within the box itself.

If you enjoyed this review and are wondering how the proposed deck plays, you can catch a Dale deck playthrough below.

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