Withered Heath Player Card Review LotR LCG

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Following on from our review of the Wilds of Rhovanion Deluxe set, we consider the player cards in the first adventure pack released.

A very similar format to the previous video, we talk about the hero and then each card in turn. We’ll look at synergies with the other cards in the cycle, as well as the wider card pool, and cover any particular rules considerations that you may need to know when playing these cards.

Our summary is that this AP is a good follow-up to the Deluxe if building around the Dale trait and there are definitely cards that you will have as staples in that kind of deck.

If you’re new to the game and followed the suggestion of core + Wilds of Rhovanion, this AP is a must buy as you can drop some of the one or two ofs from the core and replace them with cards that will better suit the Dale archetype.

If you own a wider card pool, then you may be interested in Grimbeorn, the Hero of this set, who is a really strong include for a solo deck that needs to be able to handle combat in the early rounds without the risk of not drawing into the stablisation cards.

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