1 Trolls and Teenagers

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Here, There, Eriador: The One Ring RPG 2e Actual Play
Here, There, Eriador: The One Ring RPG 2e Actual Play
1 Trolls and Teenagers

In the first episode of our second campaign for Free League’s The One Ring, we introduce a new set of characters and players.

Sean plays Esteldor, a watcher over those who do not know the periods of the lands about them; he is early into his career as a Ranger and has already seen that the blood of his people earns the tranquillity of the Shire.

Gabe plays Gert, Man of Bree who’s a natural storyteller who’s done just enough to lend credibility to his fancier tales; when the iron is placed in the fire, he’s likely to find himself rising to the level he’s claimed he’s been at for years.

Alessandro plays Gudrun, Lady of Dale, an escapee from a gilded cage, who wishes to decide her own future.

Nick plays Barnak, Dwarf of Erebor, a capable stonemason in the mould of his people, eyeing up the pinnacle of his professional life just as soon as he can get several tonnes of limestone to where it needs to be.

Matt plays Arthaniel, a Ranger of the North who feels the weight of his people’s history, particularly how their rightful property is discarded or misused through the ruins of their ancient lands.

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