35 Bilbo O’Riley (Third Age Wasteland)

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Laughter of Dragons The One Ring 1e RPG
Laughter of Dragons The One Ring 1e RPG
35 Bilbo O'Riley (Third Age Wasteland)

Out here in the Heath

The dragon bares its teeth

The Company cannot be rattled.

They will need to fight

From a dwarven height

Just like the time five armies battled.

Don’t cry

O’er Lidless Eye

It’s only Third Age Wasteland.

Loftar, take a skill

That won’t require a kill

Orc touched by fire

Can clearly not be trusted.

Our heroes path is clear

The Necromancer’s near

Finish the journey

Before they’re done and dusted.

Third Age Wasteland

It’s only Third Age Wasteland


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