Flying the Millenium Weretiger

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Titles and Troubles
Titles and Troubles
Flying the Millenium Weretiger

Welcome back to Titles and Troubles, the high-level Dungeons and Dragons game!

We left our heroes about to be engaged by a ravenous hostile beast, and we pick up the action right there. They fight in the usual style, and rescue MÎm, slave of the Ogres and Omladrin Gem-cutter (or so he claims). As is the way with his people, he pledges himself to Ox’s service for a year and a day (though Ox tries to act the good Imperial Overlord, MÎm is having none of it).

They recover a very small gem and some lenses crafted from Omladrin gems and get some sense of the scale of the Ogre territory before the fun really starts. Aboard their Flying Carpet our heroes duck, dive, twist, barrel role, and spiral around Dragon Fire in their bid to escape the pursuing Ogre Flying Squad.

Reinforcements arrive just as it looks tight, and they make it back to Saradush to be greeted by all manner of news.

Next time (Friday 24th May 2019, 8:30pm GMT) it is time to go Baneite Hunting.

(The Chase rules that were used have been published on this very website)

Hope you enjoy!

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