Jailbreak. Torquil. Seat. Skullport.

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Frauds of Waterdeep
Frauds of Waterdeep
Jailbreak. Torquil. Seat. Skullport.

Last time two of our “heroes” were taken into custody and two others managed to escape. The Blackstaff’s name had been dropped and she moved to help our protagonists out whilst balancing the wheels of Waterdhavian justice.

Who will Iggy and Zerelda meet in the jailhouse? Which spell will be used to break down the back wall? How will Aldred keep his name out of this?

Find out in this fortnight’s episode of Frauds of Waterdeep!

Dramatis Personae:

  • Zerelda, Half-Elf Fighter 4 – The Lady on the Inside
  • Aldred Eltorchul, Human Wizard, Level 4 – A Sexually Active Dumbledore
  • Fenn, Half-Orc Rogue Level 4 – Lockpicking entirely optional
  • Ode, Half-Elf Bard Level 4 – Heister In Chief
  • Ignatius, Human Forge Cleric of Moradin Level 4 – Ignatius sounds like incognito yeah?

Whilst this is a “non-traditional” run through of Dragon Heist, there may well be spoilers for your own games.

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