The Ogres Were Kung Fu Fighting!

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Titles and Troubles
Titles and Troubles
The Ogres Were Kung Fu Fighting!

Welcome back to Titles and Troubles, the high-level Dungeons and Dragons game!

It’s been a while since the last session, but we return to continue the search for the Omladrin Gems.

Darion, Diego, Ox and Killeen are at the entrance to the Ogre Mine, when they notice a very precise yellow line heading off deeper into the complex, with a strange pulse of light moving along it. Following this line the encounter a pair of Ogres that fight like Sumo warriors, before taking a left into a strange and muted world.

Encountering a pair of alien aberration like creatures, they head back to tackle a well prepared Ogre defense, taking a chance with the Horn of Blasting which blows through the barricade. A short combat ensues, and they advance to a set of double-doors with Dwarven runes embedded in semi-precious stones. Forcing their way in, the session ends as a large, grey, ferocious creature lunges at them and another Ogre in the room finishes casting Mirror Image on itself.

Out of the corner of their eye they see a strange geometric map made up of many coloured lines and the lip of what looks like a well.

Next session the heroes will be straight into the combat and possibly find out a bit more about this complex and whether it does house what they are after.

Hope you enjoy!

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