10 Minute Monster: Aboleth

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Welcome to another in our 10 Minute Monster video series, where we are riffing off each creature in the Monster Manual in 10 minutes or less (not 5 as this video said!)

These videos aren’t about the tactics, or the stat blocks; instead we take the fluff and expand on it. What does it tell us about the world? What could we tweak to make it a little bit better? How could we build a campaign around this creature (or at least a really cool campaign feature!)

Here we talk about the Aboleth, immortal creatures from before the Gods… Their perfect memories may make them Sages in your world… If they can get the energy to actually do anything other than continually refine their evil plans to perfection.

Not just the usual slapdash standard of perfection, either. No we’re talking about one that befits a creature of such stature.

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